Padres Rumors: Andrew Cashner In Possible Deal for Cole Hamels?


A very interesting report surfaced Tuesday night, indicating that the General Manager (Ruben Amaro) of the Philadelphia Phillies “covets” Andrew CashnerThe San Diego Padres are in the middle of negotiations with the Phillies for Cole Hamels, or at least they have been for awhile. Really seems strange to leak information about Cashner. I don’t know what is going on over there in Philadelphia.

When I see this, it just becomes evident that the Phillies are getting desperate to get a deal done. Although I really like Cole Hamels in a Padres uniform, this deal makes no sense.

Dealing Cashner and prospects for Hamels doesn’t exactly put the Padres in a better place. It’s a bit of a move sideways. If the Phillies were to pay the entirety of Hamels’ contract (in excess of $90 million dollars), then I would listen. That’s not going to happen though.

Lets face it, Cole Hamels is what Andrew Cashner strives to be. I can’t begin to explain to you how consistent Cole Hamels is. Andrew Cashner on the other hand, will be completely un-hittable one start then give you a dud, the next. Not to mention the injury issues.

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I know he is young, but at what point does a franchise demand this consistency from their player? Cashner is owed $4.5 million this year and has one more year of arbitration left before free agency after the 2016 season. Some in Padres land say lock him up to a long term extension, but the Padres front office is going to play it smartly. He has to throw the innings and stay healthy to get paid.

While it’s obvious the Padres are aggressively looking for another pitcher, I wonder what they will do once said pitcher is acquired. Andrew Cashner in my eyes is expendable, but a team would have to come with a quality everyday shortstop or some other necessary piece to complete the puzzle. I am sure Cashner has value on the trade market, and I would rather move him than Tyson Ross.

A.J. Preller is cutting it real close, as pitchers and catchers report very soon. I don’t blame him though. The ridiculous price on James Shields has come back to earth. It appears GM Ruben Amaro is about to crack and finally deal Cole Hamels. Will the Padres be able to beat the Boston Red Sox (rumor has it they are the Padres chief competition) for Hamels’ services? It should be heating up very soon.

So obviously Passan’s Tweet about Cashner, was meant as an informal sign that the Phillies are ready to come down off their asking price. Well at least that is how I interpret it. Once the negotiations for Hamels really heat up, I think things will progress quickly. The Red Sox and Padres both have needs at the top of their rotations.

What will happen, and more importantly when will it happen? In this day and age of baseball, it’s very exciting to be a fan. Most fans are so enthusiastic about their teams and the opportunity spring represents. I myself can’t wait…… Lets Play Ball!

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