Ranking San Diego Padres uniforms from worst to best

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Padres Uniforms: #2 Brown Roads

Let road grays die in a ditch somewhere. They’re old, tired and belong in the trash.

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Bring in the bold, colorful road uniforms that give fans a stark contrast to the home whites. It’s what the people want – and, thankfully, the Padres understand that. Their brown road uniforms mean business and are very nearly my favorite uniforms in all of baseball.

In this uniform, it’s all in the details. The subtle white outline around the gold ‘San Diego’ across the chest, the Swinging Friar patch on the shoulder and the gold piping on the sleeves. Don’t even get me started with what high Stance socks add to this look because it’s almost too much to handle.

Seriously. The fact that San Diego can rock an all-brown uniform and still somehow be the best-looking squad in baseball is amazing. Inject more bold colors and powerful simplicity into uniforms around the game, Rob Manfred. You talk a good talk about letting the kids play, but leaning more into fun color combinations like the Padres’ brown road look would let us all know you actually care about the future of baseball and injecting some fun back into the game.