San Diego Padres deadline deals: Trevor Cahill

CHICAGO, IL - MAY 13: Trevor Cahill
CHICAGO, IL - MAY 13: Trevor Cahill /

As with yesterday’s theme, the second in a series of articles about the trade deadline focuses on San Diego Padres right-handed starter Trevor Cahill.

Today, we profile the starting pitching options. At this time last week this would’ve featured three pitchers, but after the beat down at the hands of the Colorado “Arenados”, it’s time to narrow that list to two.

Any Padres fans who have watched recent games should have a pretty good idea of the starters we will be discussing over the next ten days.

First up, Trevor Cahill. Definitely the clubs most consistent starter thus far during the season, sporting an ERA of 3.14 with 71 strikeouts in 57.1 injury riddled innings pitched.

And that’s the problem. He has been sidelined twice already this year, first with a strain in his back, and then a strained shoulder. That could most certainly hurt his trade value.

Exactly how much it hurts is anyone’s guess. We will get that answer over the course of the next ten days. He should get two starts between now and July 31st.

If both starts go well, he could have a real chance of being traded before reliever Brad Hand. Having signed a one year deal for only $1.75 million makes him a cheap alternative for contending clubs.

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Another factor that also makes him appealing to other teams is his flexibility. Having pitched out of the bullpen during the Cubs regular season championship title run last year, he was later left off their postseason roster.

My gut tells me he will be pitching in the back-end of a contenders rotation. Which leads me right into the real question. Which pennant chaser he could end up with?

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Considering the options out there, it could be a sweepstakes. Every team within striking distance could use his services. It may simply come down to who pulls the trigger first.

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Unlike the options out there in the relief market, is a different animal because the teams looking for rotation help are a little different from teams looking for relief help. A few are the same, but there is more of a market for starting pitching. With that in mind, it should open up the Padres to not only shortstop prospects but any teams top thirty prospects list.

Combine that with the teams searching for starting pitching depth and this should be a fun ten days. So let’s take a peek at which teams prospects could fit what the Padres are looking for.

Only shortstop prospects were chosen for yesterday’s article. Today we will focus on who they might acquire at other positions.

This list will include the teams in need of starting pitching depth, and will list the team and the prospects that would interest the Padres the most.

1) New York Yankees

A) SP-Chance Adams

B) 3B-Miguel Andujar

C) SP-Zack Littell

2) Seattle Mariners

A) SP-Nick Niedert

3) Houston Astros

A) OF-Kyle Tucker

B) OF-Derek Fisher

C) SP-Forrest Whitney

4) Milwaukee Brewers

A) OF-Lewis Brinson

B) SP-Luis Ortiz

5) Los Angeles Dodgers

A) OF-Alex Verdugo

B) 2B-Willie Calhoun

C) SP-Walker Buehler

6) Minnesota Twins

A) SP-Stephen Gonsalves

B) SP-Fernando Romero

C) SP-Kohl Stewart

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The above mentioned teams have the farm systems and prospects to match up the best with what the Padres are looking to acquire: High end high upside prospects.

If Cahill can fetch the Padres even one of the names listed here, signing him this offseason will turn out to the best $1.75 million money could buy.