San Diego Padres: MLB draft: How to watch, what to expect

The San Diego Padres pick third in the first round of the 2017 MLB Draft on Monday. Here’s how to catch all of the action.

The San Diego Padres may be in the midst of a difficult stretch of a very disappointing season thus far, but the club is poised to make significant strides tonight.

The MLB Draft is hours away and the Padres organization has the third overall pick in tonight’s third round.

Last week, our very own Cheri Bell previewed the draft in detail. The full preview can be found here.

In summary, the Padres will most certainly have a shot at a very talented player. The top of the draft is heavy with pitching as it often is, as MacKenzie Gore, Brendan McKay, Kyle Wright, and Hunter Greene could serve as valuable assets on a major league staff in the future. Greene also plays shortstop, making him an interesting option to consider.

San Diego will follow Minnesota and Cincinnati, who are also in need of organizational pitching depth. But either of these teams could surprise baseball and go after a position player. Regardless, the Padres have options, an very talented options at that.

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The following is the draft order as it stands right now for tonight’s first round:

  1. Twins
  2. Reds
  3. Padres
  4. Rays
  5. Braves
  6. Athletics
  7. Diamondbacks
  8. Phillies
  9. Brewers
  10. Angels
  11. White Sox
  12. Pirates
  13. Marlins
  14. Royals
  15. Astros
  16. Yankees
  17. Mariners
  18. Tigers
  19. Giants
  20. Mets
  21. Orioles
  22. Blue Jays
  23. Dodgers
  24. Red Sox
  25. Nationals
  26. Rangers
  27. Cubs
  28. Blue Jays
  29. Rangers
  30. Cubs

Coverage of the draft can be seen on MLB Network beginning at 3 PM Pacific time. The first selection will be made shortly after 4 PM. Live coverage of day one as well as the following two days on Tuesday and Wednesday can also be found on on the website’s draft tracker.

For fans who only want to see the Padres pick and would not like to spend their afternoon and/or evening watching the draft, tune in at about 4:15 Pacific to be safe, and within 15 minutes or so, the organization should have made their pick.

The Padres have just one selection in the first round as the order stands now, but will be back in action in rounds two and three with the 39th, 69th, and 78th picks. These will take place on Tuesday.

Stay tuned to Friars on Base for full MLB draft coverage, as we report on and analyze all of the picks as they happen. This is the future of the Padres at stake, and as fans, we ought to pay close attention.

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