Padres Still Lagging in All Star Voting

The Padres will host the MLB All Star Game July 12th no matter what. Who will be representing the Padres at the game remains to be seen, with no Padres still in the Top 5 position player voting. Can we get Wil Myers up the board Padres fans?

The Padres have seen Wil Myers tear the cover off the ball in June but still can’t beat out even Brandon Moss for the Top 5 vote getting at 1B in the National League. The Cubs still lead at every position player except catcher and have 3 of the top 6 outfielders.

If you haven’t voted yet – do so HERE. You can vote 5 times per day up to 35 times.

While Fernando Rodney is the main candidate to at least be the Padres mandatory All Star representative, many on the Padres were certainly hoping that Myers would be voted in though he could still be chosen as a reserve or backup by NL All Star Manager Terry Collins. The fact that the Padres made him one of the Ambassadors will likely help his cause too.

The Cubs fans are the big winners here. Anthony Rizzo, leading at first base, has over 2 million votes – nearly 3 times as many as the next competitor Brandon Belt with 800,000+.

The biggest loser at this point is likely at shortstop. The Cubs Addison Russell, hitting just .239 with 6 home runs is somehow leading Trevor Story (.263, 18 HR) and Corey Seager (.289, 16 HR) though at least Story is down by some 300,000 votes.

I do like the rule that every team gets at least one representative, if for nothing else for instances like this when a team is hosting and not having a very good year or in a smaller market where fans don’t get as excited about the game as say, in Chicago.

The irony for the Padres is that whoever they do have represent them in the game on July 12th could likely be gone by August 1st as the Padres look to shape another rebuilding effort for 2017 and beyond. Rodney is doing great – but the Padres clearly should trade him to a contender with bullpen needs than hang on to a reliever who is over 40 as a building block.