Former Padres Player/Coach Tim Flannery Goes Off in Twitter Rant


Apparently Tim Flannery is over hearing about how him and Bruce Bochy deserted the Padres and should come back to help them win a few World Championships like the duo did with the San Francisco Giants. Wednesday night he went off on a tirade against Padres fans who seemed to forget the good times Flannery gave the team and Flannery was tired of hearing about it. He did later apologize in the afternoon for engaging the trolls.

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He started things off after hitting an apparent breaking point:

“We have lived with the ‘you’re traders! Come back and win for us.’ We won in SF for many reasons…”
That seems fair. After all, drafting Buster Posey and having a strong pitching core of Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain, and then Madison Bumgarner helps a lot as well. He continued:

“Then you have the ignorance to tweet me, shame, while your team only won ever when we were there, but that makes you experts, but you’re not the history of the team, we are.”

Wow, alright thanks Flannery. But Tim, you played with the Padres for 11 seasons, you coached for more after that. Surely the San Diego Padres will have a place in your heart forever right? Sure you won a few World Series with the Giants, but that was just professional right? It hasn’t changed your true allegiance has it?

“I’m a Giant fan for life.”

Say it ain’t so! Flannery went on to post pictures from his San Diego playing career and was responding to any Twitter haters directly instead of letting their comments go by.

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Later Thursday he did post apologizing for the rant, making no real apologies for his comments or feelings but basically apologizing for engaging the trolls on social media. “I’m done apologizing for winning 3 World Championships…Sorry I engaged the trolls. I forgive the haters, now be gone. Just baseball writers for me here to read now,cheers.”

He also clarified that he was completely sober when writing his comments and was now on his way to a charity event to help stop bullying.