New Padres Hat Leaked on Twitter?


The San Diego Padres continue to gear up and get ready for the All Star Game at Petco Park in 2016. Friday a Twitter user posted what looked like a new Padres logo in advance of hosting the big event. Dennis Lin of the Union Tribune notes that the Padres did not confirm or deny the post and that teams often have alternate versions of hats.

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The leaked hat adds sunshine yellow to the “D” that interlocks with the “S” on the hat for the team. This syncs with the logo that the Padres released for the 2016 All Star Game as not long ago.

The city of San Diego could certainly use some excitement in the sports world right now. The Padres of 2015 were massive disappointment after adding payroll and big name players. The Chargers have a black cloud hanging over them with rumors of moving to Los Angeles. On top of that, they lose game after game but did manage to beat Jacksonville on Sunday.

Things are certainly changing a lot for the Padres. First a new ownership group, then a new General Manager, manager and now maybe even new uniforms and hats.

Many fans are still hoping to see more brown added to the uniform scheme next season as in a throwback look to the uniforms of the 1970’s. At the rate of change going on with the Padres right now, this might be on the way.

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For now, speculation is aswirl at what the Padres will look like on the field in 2016 and even more questions remain on who will be a Padre in 2016. One of the highlights of last year’s All Star Game was the Reds Todd Frazier capturing the one run derby and overall home crowd’s love in a lost season for the Reds. The Padres are hoping to have something on the line themselves come July and be ready to show off their own hometown treasure.