Padres Made a Good Decision Hiring Andy Green


At the beginning of the hunt for a new manager, I strongly supported the Padres hiring former-Twins manager Ron Gardenhire. When hearing that former-Diamondbacks third base coach Andy Green, my reaction was like this. But, upon some research, it is time that the hiring of Andy Green be defended. 

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On Wednesday, UT San Diego’s Dennis Lin reported that Gardenhire and Pirates third base coach Rick Sofield were the finalists for the job. The next day, Green was announced to be the man GM A.J. Preller tasked with the position of manager.

Upon watching every interview involving Green (yes, all four), it became obvious Green was a good selection. First off, the interview process was a grill-fest. His follow-up interview, with Preller, went from 9am to 11pm. As Green said, Preller came at him from every angle and was very, very thorough. If Preller interviewed everyone like he did Green, then we would hope that we could trust that decision.

During the interviews, it was apparent how dynamic Green is as a person. He very much has a fire and a desire to really get to know and connect with his players and staff. His scouting report indicates he is very good at succeeding in this effort. For a team that lacked chemistry in 2015, connecting with players is his most important task.

FSSD baseball insider Scott Miller reported that Green was the first name Diamondbacks current manager Chip Hale said he wanted on his staff. Hale sought after Green after minor league experience together where Green garnered a reputation for being good with in-game decision making, an excellent analytical mind, and a dynamic personality that works with both veteran and younger players. Miller said Green did not disappoint in the majors as he as in charge of all of the defensive shifting the Diamondbacks implemented.

The Padres could have gone one of two ways: hire an experienced manager who commands respect by name alone or hire an analytical manager. They chose the latter.

Earlier, I argued that the Padres needed to avoid hiring a first-time manager because the team needs someone who is very clearly in charge and can unite the club. This seems like a non-issue with Green considering his report on connecting with young and old. His very dynamic personality comes across during every interview and I see no obstacles in his authority that any other incoming manager wouldn’t also face.

The Padres moved into the 21st century with this hiring.