San Diego Padres Drop the Ball Hiring Andy Green as Manager


The San Diego Padres had plenty of options at manager this offseason and plenty of them would have been nice fits. However, the man they chose, Arizona Diamondbacks third base coach Andy Green, doesn’t seem fit to lead this team.

Green projects as a very good major league manager some day, but he doesn’t fit with the Padres right now. He just finished his first season on a big league staff and now San Diego is ready to give him the keys to their future. It just doesn’t make sense right now.

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He went 219-189 as a minor league manager with the D’Backs and won Manager of the Year in the Southern League in both 2013 and 2014. That was the minor leagues, though. These are the major leagues and the Padres have too many pressing questions at hand to justify hiring a rookie manager.

Someone like Ron Gardenhire would have made much more sense for a Padres team in disarray.                                         Rick Osentoski, USA TODAY Sports

With managerial candidates like Ron Gardenhire and Dusty Baker out there, it doesn’t make much sense why the team went with someone with so little experience. After all, the under achievement of the team last season has made this hire all the more important.

If the team plans on getting much younger and trading some veteran pieces this offseason, Green makes much more sense. He’s worked with young players closely as lately as 2014, so he should be able to connect with guys just coming into the league. The only problem is that he will be learning on the fly along with them.

Again, Green will be a good manager some day, possibly even with the Padres. The timing wasn’t right this time around, though, and as they have too many times over the past year, the Padres dropped the ball.