Padres News: 2016 All-Star Game Logo Unveiling


Now that Cincinnati has had their turn, it’s time for the the San Diego Padres to play host to the MLB All-Star Game. Today at 10am PST, the Padres will be unveiling their design for the 2016 All-Star Game logo.

The Padres have previously hosted the All-Star Game in 1978 and 1992. The 1978 logo prominently featured the Friar, and given the rise in popularity of that original friar design, I’m expecting him to make an appearance again for 2016. I’m mostly excited to see what COLOR the logo will be. We’ve heard the rumors of new uniforms for the Padres in 2016, so if the organization is really planning on making a change, especially in the team-color department, today’s unveiling would be a great opportunity. Can you imagine if they dropped that curtain and the logo was BROWN and GOLD? It would blow people’s minds. You can watch the revealing live on Fox Sport San Diego and online at We’ll be posting our live reactions in the comments below as it happens. Be sure to chime in with your two-cents and let us know what you think of it as well. What are you hoping it will look like?


Okay, so here are some quick thoughts…I hate it. Talk about uninspired.

No Friar?!

The Padres even brought back that heinous bowtie lettering they used to wear. I was so happy when we ditched those.

Plus, with no announcement that Gold would be added to the uniforms for next season, we can only assume Padres fans will have to endure another season of those boring uniforms.

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