Padres Recap: May 29, 2015



Every Little Leaguer envisions this moment: Bottom of the 9th, Bases loaded, Two outs…

Derek Norris got to live it tonight.

That feels good, our first walk-off victory of the season.

Abraham Almonte was also a big part of tonight’s victory. I know we’ve given Almonte a hard time on Friars On Base recently but I’m willing to eat crow long as he serves it up.

James Shields – two runs and six hits – and the rest of the San Diego Padres pitching staff were great again tonight…

…I can’t stop watching our Padres huddled around home plate, jumping up and down like little kids celebrating. It has just been a long time since we’ve seen Padres get to celebrate like this. I see other teams get to do it every night on Sports Center, it’s nice to have it be my team for a change.

Thank you, Norrisaurusrex.

Lets make this man an All-Star, Vote Here.

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