Padres News: UPDATE – New Petco Park Scoreboard Looks Like Old One


Very funny, Petco Park.

San Diego Padres fans looking to get their first glimpse of the new scoreboard in action will just have to wait a little bit longer.

As fans a making their way into the ball park right now, Petco is disguising their new jumbo-tron as the old one.

I gotta admit, that’s a pretty darn funny and a clever idea.

I got a decent look at the new scoreboard on Saturday during FanFest, but the Padres were not rolling out all the new tricks for an exhibition game. What I did see was really impressive. The picture in super high-def, you guys are going to love it.

Check back when the game starts, we’ll have some screenshots up once the game starts for those of us unable to make it to the ball park today.



Here it is, your new Petco Park scoreboard:

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