Padres Chat Wrap: Cody Decker and Jeff Sanders


In the latest Padres Chat with Jeff Sanders of UT San Diego he had Cody Decker, one of the Padres Minor league players join him to talk to answer fan questions.

The Chat started out with a question about how far the Padres are willing to go to sign James Shields. Jeff Sanders had this to say when asked about that: “My instincts say that the price would be too high given all the prospects the Padres have dealt away already, but I think we’ve learned never to rule anything out.”

A similar question was also asked the question was, ” What Percentage do you give the Padres signing Shields? Jeff’s said that he would not put a hard number on it, but he thinks there changes are increasing by the day, especially with the price tag falling everyday.

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After a few questions were answered the long awaited arrival of Cody Decker came ,and the first few questions he answered was, if he though there was a lack of depth in the farm system now that a few players left. Cody had this to say about that question: “Not at all. We have plenty of great players. I think it’s only creating opportunity for the guys you may not know about.”

The questions continued to range from Opening day not being a sea of Orange and Black to which minor league players had a chance to see some time at the big league level come the start of the season, and one of the more intriguing questions what is Cody Decker’s strongest attribute? Hos answer? His Jawline! He thinks his nose needs work, I find that interesting!

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