Want All-Star Game Tickets? Start Saving!


If you think you can just walk up to Petco Park and expect to buy a 2016 All-Star Game ticket, you might want to come up with a better plan or rely on super-priced StubHub. Looks like your best bet is to invest in season tickets, even if you want to buy at least 20 games for this season and next.

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Prices for the All-Star Game have yet to be determined by the MLB offices. If you plan on buying just for that game, think again. The All-Star Game tickets come in bunches or “bundled” which you must also buy Home Run Derby, Futures Game, All-Star Legends and Celebrity Softball Game and the Gatorade All-Star Workout Day. According to prices from last year’s game in Minneapolis, face value would range from $401 to $1,461 per bundle, per Jonathan Horn of the U-T San Diego.

If you don’t want to buy a bundle and try just the single game rate, have fun with that too. StubHub last year for just the All-Star Game on average tickets sold for $536 and the Home Run Derby on average went for $269.

So over the long term it might make more sense to get season tickets and enjoy some (hopeful) success with the current Padres roster that is being established to win now. If the Padres were to follow the Twins way of business here’s how it would work. If you bought 20 or 40 games, you were allowed two All-Star bundles, didn’t matter the quantity of seats for those 20 or 40 game plans. If you bought for the whole season, you could buy All-Star tickets for the same amount of seats and a possible upgrade in seats just for that week.

As far as this year’s contest in Cincinnati, they did things a little differently. Fans who bought at least 20 games for last season and 2015 were guaranteed to buy stubs for the events as long as they renewed by a deadline. Brand new Reds ticket holders had to buy at least half or all-81 games by a deadline for first rights to buy tickets for the ASG. If you bought just a 20-game plan for this season alone, all you get is a pre-sale opportunity, not even a guarantee to get tickets. No word on how much it cost for this year’s game in Cincinnati.

Now it’s not exactly like the tickets have been flying off the shelf at Petco Park even with the announcement of Petco Park being awarded the 2016 ASG. But if the team potentially has success in 2015 look for prices to go up, of course.

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