What Teams Could Want Carlos Quentin


Last week, we here at FriarsOnBase set up a poll asking what player you want GM A.J. Preller to get rid of most.  It was Carlos Quentin who, perhaps unsurprisingly, won (or lost…) the poll by receiving 68-percent of the vote.  So what teams would be candidates for taking a risk and trading for Quentin? 

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Quentin’s injury history and less-than-stellar fielding to begin with will force him to become a DH.  After Houston traded for Evan Gattis, they were eliminated as candidates because their outfield now has no room for Chris Carter.  Quentin would have conceivably shoved Carter to LF, but that’s unlikely to happen with Gattis now on the roster.

Last year, the Baltimore Orioles won 96 games and the AL East.  After losing the AL Championship Series to Kansas City, they lost Nick Markakis and Nelson Cruz to free agency.  If they are to compete in 2015, they need another bat.  They took a risk on Cruz last year, who’s to say they wouldn’t on Quentin?  In order to slot in Quentin at DH, Buck Showalter would need only to play Steve Pearce in RF where there is a major hole.  Baltimore won last season through their offense and they have lost two keys this offseason.  Quentin is no Cruz, but he would be something in a very quiet Baltimore offseason.

The Rangers were flat-out terrible last year.  It was an unfortunate shock for their fans.  In a couple years, Prince Fielder will likely spend some time at DH.  Quentin could keep the DH spot warm for Fielder before that’s necessary.  Texas has no clear DH.  Barring any major injuries, as was last year’s problem, and with some luck, the Ranger front office might see this team as a competitor for the wild card.  They need a hitter.  Please take Mr. Quentin.

Minnesota is a young team and (surprise, surprise) does not have a clear option at DH.  The Twins went out and got Ervin Santana.  The Tigers have aged a year and have a (how do I put this nicely?) questionable bullpen.  Kansas City had a great 2014, but they might regress toward the middle of the pack in 2015.  The Indians and White Sox are not obvious choices for the division crown.  Perhaps the Twins could make a push.  Ok, it’s unlikely.  But for $8 million, would the Twins be willing to take a chance on a guy who should hit 30+ HRs when healthy for most of the year?  They seriously need some power.

The Twins might be a year or two away from making a push.  The Rangers have had a win-now mentality for the past few years and very well could be a suitor.  But Baltimore is whom I see as being the most likely. They need to make some sort of deal to try to fill in the vacancies created by Cruz and Markakis.

The Padres probably won’t get much if they are able to dump Quentin off somewhere.  More than anything, his trade would be getting rid of some unwanted salary.

The Padres might have to eat some of the $8 million, but getting rid of some or most would be worth it.  Preller would probably only get a middle reliever, a backup shortstop like the Twins’ Danny Santana or Eduardo Escobar, or a new vending machine in the clubhouse.