Poll: Whom Should the Padres Get Rid Of?


The hot stove news has been very good for the Padres.  There are some moves left to be made and there are no doubt some players that us Padre fans are still tired of.  This poll is not about whom we want GM A.J. Preller to trade in order to get the shortstop the Padres need or some help at lead-off.  No, this is strictly negative.  Regardless of what Preller could possibly get in return, whom would you like to see out of San Diego before Opening Day?  Whichever player receives the most votes by next week will get an article written about him regarding what possible teams would want him.

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First, Carlos Quentin.  Quentin is a very valuable player.  Actually, he would be one of the most valuable players in the National League if he were just healthy for one full season.  Instead, injuries have kept him off the field (duh!).  In his three years in San Diego, he has posted a .251/.352/.464/.816 statline but has averaged only 73 games per season.  And let’s be honest, he has not been healthy for most of those games.  It’s admirable for a player to play injured.  I do not blame him for his ailing knees.  But he needs to be a DH for some team.  Quentin is due to make $8 million next year.  It’s unlikely he will be healthier as a left fielder or first baseman in 2015.

Josh Byrnes gave up Mat Latos in the hopes that Yonder Alonso would develop into a premier first baseman.  He has yet to do so.  Like Quentin, he has had injuries over the past two seasons.  Now, he was hit by a pitch in 2013 which derailed his season.  His hand and wrist never healed in 2014 leading to a lackluster .240/.285/.397/.682.  Unlike Quentin, Alonso’s injuries are less to do with a weak joint and more to do with a break that never fully healed.  As much as I personally want to defend Alonso (unlike the others on this poll), his power is still league average.  In his three years with the Padres, he has hit for a .286/.332/.387/.719.  There is still some hope for the Cuban-born first sacker.  He has good on-base numbers and his numbers might have unluckily been so low last season due to a poor .251 BABIP (50 points below the league average).  But that has not erased the frustration of Padre fans.

Remember when Cameron Maybin was a can’t-miss prospect?  No?  Well, do you remember when he was suspended for 25 games for amphetamines?  Maybin has been up and down.  In 2011 and in the second half of 2012, he was good.  Since then, well, he’s been a AAAA player.  He has been injury-plagued and has not developed into the five-tool player his talent should allow him to be.  Maybin has actually played in fewer games than Quentin over the past two seasons.  Since the start of the 2012 season, when he’s been on the field, he has an 81 OPS+.  Low power would be acceptable if only he were able to get on base and steal bases.  He hasn’t done much of either lately.  Maybin will be 28 in April.  Is there hope for him yet?  I’ll let you decide…but the answer is no.

Will Venable has proven to have had Chase Headley Syndrome.  He was a highly-touted prospect who hit barely above the league average, then had a monstrous second half followed by a poor follow-up season.  Venable hit only a .224/.288/.325/.613 last year – the worst power and on-base numbers of his career.  He also no longer steals bases.  At age 32, his best years are likely behind him.  When he hit slightly above the league average, ignoring the potential we’ve been told he had was easier.  Now, not so much.

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