All-Star Game Week Avoids Conflict


The City of San Diego is doing everything in their power to host the 2016 All-Star Game and All-Star week festivities without having to complicate too much. In the meantime, the city doesn’t want to part ways with other conventions that happen at that usual slot in July that the All-Star addition could happen in 2016. Luckily, the city avoided some huge conflicts.

The first convention to fix is the annual ESRI convention, which stands for Environmental System Research Institute. The ESRI usually books during July, in which ESRI have agreed to bump it down later in the month of July 2016 in order to fit the All-Star Game. If San Diego is not awarded the game for 2016, ESRI will get its normal spot back without any penalty.

Second issue was the convention center, which the fanfest event would take up the entire convention center space, basically wiping out any sharing host. The city had to make sure that MLB has the entire week just to itself for the convention center and they should once awarded to San Diego.

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The last issue is an even bigger event, in fact the biggest event San Diego hosts annually and drives money into the city. That event is Comic-Con, the most famous annual convention held every year at the convention center downtown. What was going to be interesting will be the turnaround between All-Star week and Comic-Con. Comic-Con will be scheduled a few days after the All-Star week is over. That made some people worried that it wont be enough time to set up for the largest convention and hopefully won’t make some people mad.

Comic-Con brings in an estimated $180 million annually, while the ASG festivities and game are projected to make $80 million. Surprisingly, Comic-Con officials say they are okay with it cutting close to the ASG and in fact applauded the city for trying to get the All-Star Game. Comic-Con officials said they were happy that the timing should work out to do both in July. Add Comic-Con on top of an All-Star Game will make July 2016 in San Diego a very exciting time, most of all, rewarding!