Impressive list of potential GMs for the Padres


As the trade deadline approaches, the San Diego Padres are leaving no stone unturned as they search for a new general manager. San Diego must shake things up by hiring someone from outside the organization, and they have an impressive list of candidates who could get the team moving in the right direction.

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According to *Kevin Charity of, the Padres have interviewed six GM candidates: Larry Beinfest, A.J. Preller, Billy Eppler, Ray Montgomery, Logan White, and Mike Hazen. Both Eppler and White have previously worked in the Padres scouting department, and Hazen worked for Padres President Mike Dee in Boston.

Of all the candidates, Larry Beinfest is the only former GM. Beinfest was the GM of the 2003 World Series Champion Miami Marlins. The ’03 Marlins relied on developing talent instead of buying talent, which is more appropriate for a mid-market team like the Padres. It would also be good to have someone who would command respect because he has a proven track record.

A.J. Preller (Rangers), Billy Eppler (Yankees), and Mike Hazen (Red Sox) are all assistant GMs. They are ideal candidates because they know what it takes to be a GM, and as competitors, they are hungry to be the one calling the shots.

Ray Montgomery and Logan White are both big-time scouts. Montgomery is the Director of Scouting for the Diamondbacks and White is the Vice President of Amateur Scouting for the Dodgers. I don’t know if their skills would translate to being an effective GM, but you never know.

The Padres probably won’t hire a new GM before the July 31st trade deadline, so expect more interviews before a decision is made.

*Kevin Charity’s article, Race for the Padres GM Job: The Contenders, lists the current and former jobs of the GM candidates.