When Should The Padres Hire A New GM?


The search for the new GM continues, and according to Mike Dee, we shouldn’t expect a GM until after the July 31st trade deadline.

This isn’t the best news, but it isn’t that bad either. The Padres must strike a balance between being prompt and being thorough.

If they rush and sign up Kim Ng (the latest name entering the mix), then the transition with the trade deadline approaching could be amazingly chaotic. The new GM will come in with their own theories and ideas, and be ready to make some trades that could change the course of the franchise.

On the other hand, the GM will have a ton of energy, which is something this organization needs. He or she also must have a ton of courage because the fan base probably won’t see the effects of the trades until a couple years down the road.

It’s a toss up for me. I wouldn’t mind seeing a bunch of moves made by a fresh face throughout July, but I can see the other side trying to make the “right” decision with the new hire.

The Padres have some good players who are slumping, and eventually one or two or three guys will have to break out of the offensive rut. Once that happens, the Padres can start competing at a higher level, but the new GM will be the person to bring the swagger back.