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Editorial Staff

Billy Brost, editor

Billy serves as co-editor and contributing writer for Yanks Go Yard. He has recently joined the staff of Friars On Base, the San Diego Padres' site on the Fansided Network as a guest editor and contributing writer. He also writes on his own blog: WestCoastYankees-The Blog. He earned both his Bachelors and Masters degrees in history from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Billy's work has appeared in Baseball Digest, Sport, The Inscriber Digital Magazine, Rant Sports, and Yahoo! among others. Billy has been a fan of the New York Yankees since 1981, and during baseball season he must tread lightly as his wife is a diehard Boston Red Sox fan. He enjoys researching and writing about the history of the game, and is a fantasy baseball and baseball card junkie.

Mark (Wisco) Whelan, Staff Writer

I have always rooted for the home team, no matter where home has been. I grew up a Mets fan, followed the BoSox for 8 years, and have been rooting for the Padres since life brought me to this paradise we call San Diego. When my nose is not buried in baseball stats, you'll find me singing 4-part harmony in a barbershop quartet.

Nick Lee, Staff Writer

Raised in Escondido, CA. I am married to my college sweetheart (though we are still in college). I have been to many, many Padres games at Petco. I love the Friars! I love San Diego sports. I also write for the Chargers at boltbeat.com.

Daryll Dorman, Staff Writer

I live in sunny San Diego and attend about 20-25 Padre games a year. I love being outdoors, whether playing baseball, watching baseball, or stand up paddle-boarding in the ocean. Tech salesman by day, baseball fanatic by night. I have been married for over 5 years to my beautiful, fast-pitch softball playing Angels and Ohio State fan wife.

Tim Richer, Staff Writer

Despite living all the way across the country, Tim has been able to follow the Padres thanks to the advent of MLB.TV. Now getting a chance to do the next best to watching the game of baseball, he's writing for FanSided at FriarsonBase.com.

Dave Chalk,

Dave has been a Padres fan since he moved to San Diego in 1987. You'll likely find him enjoying live music or traveling to eat delicious food when he is not nerding out on sabermetrics or the latest writings of Bill James. He is a regular contributor to RentSauce.com. Follow his musing on Twitter or Instagram @cansirboi

Devin Sparks, Staff Writer

Long time fan of the Padres, Chargers, Angels, Anaheim Ducks, and SDSU Aztecs. Independent Wrestler (I get paid to pretend to beat people up). Freelance writer. "I want to do a million things with my life and settle on none." - Me

Matt Mirro, Staff Writer

Matt Mirro is a student in New York. He has been a Yankees fan since second grade and never misses a game. Matt also loves the history of baseball as well as the sport's international market in the Caribbean and Asia. Follow @MandMBOY18

David Warren, editor

David serves as editor and contributing writer of Friars on Base. He earned both his MA and BA from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in History. He currently teaches history classes for Central Texas College, Ashford University, and works as an instructional aide in high school. David has been a life long Padres fan and Los Angeles Kings fan since he was a kid. Follow David on Twitter @davidwarren25

Jason Evans, Asst. Editor

Jason is a recent master's degree recipient in sports management. He's been a huge baseball and sports fan since he was born. Jason is currently a board op at SiriusXM for college and pro football and basketball games.

Michael Hanley, Staff Writer

Born and raised in New Jersey. Big fan of sports in general. I root for teams that cover both coasts and a few places in between. If I am not writing, you can catch me laying down on the beach trying to avoid a bad sunburn, cooking, reading a book or listening to music.

Sinan Habeeb, Staff Writer

Currently at UCSD trying to get a degree in Structural Engineering. When I'm not there I like to enjoy long walks on the beach and cheering on the Bolts and Friars.

Bernie D'Amato, Staff Writer

I am a writer for FanSided.com and FriarsOnBase.com. Always striving to be the best in America's finest city. All comments are greatly appreciated.

Tim McFadden, Staff Writer

Graduated from The Dalles High School a long time ago, and from Columbia Gorge Community College slightly less long ago. Currently lives in Portland, Oregon where he watches as much baseball as possible.

Ryan Pedersen, Staff Writer

Ryan Pedersen is a graduate from Cal State San Marcos with a degree in Mass Media. He has previously worked with KUSI-TV, One America News Network, BoltBeat.com and the NFL Network. He has a love for all sports and those disappointing San Diego teams.

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