San Diego Padres newcomers: 1 player to keep, 1 to send far away and 1 to debate

The San Diego Padres added some newcomers at the trade deadline and here is one player they should keep for 2024, one to ship far away and one to debate on bringing back.
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Ji Man Choi
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San Diego Padres should debate keeping Ji Man Choi

Acquired with Hill from the Pirates, Ji Man Choi has not fared well so far in Southern California, but there is hope when he's healthy.

Choi was injured last month. However, he brings an interesting scenario to the table for next season. A left-handed bat, aside from his health, he’s already an upgrade from that side of the plate over Matt Carpenter. Who would you rather have getting DH at-bats from the left side of the plate next season, Choi or Carpenter? Seems like a no-brainer.

Yes, he’s just a .236 career hitter, but he hits for power, can play first base in a pinch, and is a pinch-hitting option off the bench. It hasn’t looked good so far, but this time with Friars has been spent mostly injured, which yes, has been an issue throughout his career, but as he showed with the Tampa Bay Rays, when he’s going, he can hit for power.

He certainly would not require the same amount of money the Carpenter is scheduled to earn ($6 million) and it would require moving the veteran this offseason, but Choi seems like the play to debate if you are Preller and the front office.

Of course, all three of these players could be gone next season, but Cooper is certainly someone worth keeping and Choi is a debate to have. Hill? Well, he can go as far away as possible.