San Diego Padres: 3 options who could be a big boost at first base

If there is a position where the San Diego Padres could improve in the last hours before the MLB trade deadline, it's at first base. Here are some options.

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Just when you thought the San Diego Padres were ready to sell off a high-priced ticket item or two before said items leave in November without getting anything for their departure, the Friars go off and sweep the best team in the American League and are now seemingly players in the National League Wild Card race.

Although GM A.J. Preller hasn't exactly come out and said "we are not trading our best players that everyone wants, but are instead adding to the team for the postseason," that's definitely the vibe given this past weekend's impressive showing against the Texas Rangers. The only ones associated with the Padres who haven't made the trip to Colorado seem to be the Petco Park grounds crew. It appears that guys like Josh Hader, Blake Snell and Juan Soto aren't going anywhere, so let's run with that. The Padres are not sellers, but buyers heading into the August 1, 6 p.m. (Eastern) trade deadline. So what should San Diego be shopping for?

I've seen in the infamous "online" that San Diego, who sits eight games out in the NL West and five games out of the Wild Card, may be looking for DH and outfield help for an offense that's still only batting .238. Sure. Ok, but I feel they have a much more pressing need for offense at first base and should go find it even if it may create an awkward situation in the clubhouse. But, hey, they're going for it, right? So potential awkwardness be damned.

San Diego's current first baseman Jake Cronenworth is hitting an un-whopping .216 with eight home runs and 38 RBI. That's not what the Padres expected out of the two-time All-Star who they gave a seven-year, $80 million extension to on April 1. The 29-year-old had his best month of the season in the worst offensive year of his career, but his .244 average in July is very relative and still a problem. Whether Cronenworth's paltry numbers this season are a mere slump in his career or part of a cruel season-long April Fool's joke, the fact remains that San Diego needs more production out of the first base position if they're going to "go for it" the final two months of the regular season.

Sure, bringing in another first baseman to take at bats away from your freshly extended first baseman could be awkward, but can you really worry about that? After all, you're going for it! So where at this late hour do the Padres find a first baseman with some kind of bat?

3 potential options for the San Diego Padres to improve at first base