San Diego Padres: 1 strength every NL West team has over the Padres

Washington Nationals v San Diego Padres
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San Francisco Giants pitcher Camilo Doval
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San Francisco Giants rebound better after losses than Padres

The Giants have been playing some really good baseball lately, but despite their struggles at the beginning of the season, especially against American League teams, one thing that Gabe Kapler's crew has been this season is resilient.

Following a loss, San Francisco is 26-18 in 2023, while the Padres are just 16-21. Again, this may sound like a big deal, but over a 162-game season, stopping a losing streak before it starts is huge.

San Francisco, who was not expected to be this good this season, has made a big move not only in the division standings but also in the Wild Card chase. They have passed the Dodgers for second place, 2.5 games behind the Diamondbacks, and are currently the second Wild Card team and 3.5 games ahead of the Milwaukee Brewers, who currently are the first team on the outside looking in. San Diego is 6.5 games back in the Wild Card and 7.0 games behind the Giants in the division.

This is just another small stat that has hurt the Padres in 2023. Every stat that each team in the division has over them may not seem big, but in the big picture, it has helped create the hole they are facing with a huge payroll and an underachieving team. Time is starting to run out on San Diego and turning some of these stats around can go a long way into helping them climb back into the race and avoid missing out on a postseason berth in October.