San Diego Padres: 1 strength every NL West team has over the Padres

Washington Nationals v San Diego Padres
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Colorado Rockies have a better one-run record than Padres

Ok, I know, it's the Rockies, a team that just gave up 25 runs to the Los Angeles Angels Saturday night and they are still in their familiar spot of the basement in the NL West, but it's not for their record in one-run games compared to the Padres.

Colorado is 11-9 and San Diego is 5-12 in one-run games this season. In the big picture, it won't mean much in terms of finishing higher in the standings than the Rockies, but the Padres' record is concerning in terms of their overall record. A minus-7 in one-run games is not going to help you get back into the playoff picture.

Entering their trip out East this week, the Padres have the 11th-toughest schedule remaining in the league, but they do have six games with Colorado left, as well as six with the St. Louis Cardinals, and three each with the Oakland Athletics, Chicago White Sox and Detroit Tigers, all teams struggling and out of playoff contention right now.

It's turning into another lost season in Denver, but believe it or not, the team with the third-highest payroll in the majors is just above the Rockies who have fared better in one-run games. Never in 2023 would you think that the Rockies would have a better strength than the Padres.