4 no-brainer San Diego Padres roster decisions to make this offseason

The San Diego Padres have a lot of questions as to what the 2024 roster will look like, but these four moves are no-brainer's in building a championship contender.
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J.D. Martinez
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4) It’s a no-brainer for the San Diego Padres to sign J.D. Martinez

Since the Cruz and Carpenter experiment failed miserably this season, the Friars will be in the market for a full-time DH bat, and signing J.D. Martinez, even if it’s a one-year deal like he got this season with the Los Angeles Dodgers, is worth adding.

 He is a big piece of the middle of the Dodgers order and has proven this season that he has something left in his bat, despite the Boston Red Sox not re-signing him. At this point in his career, the former Houston Astors and Detroit Tigers slugger before landing in Boston is slashing .273/.350/.524 in Los Angeles with 31 home runs and 98 RBI. Where would San Diego be this season if they signed him last winter?

Think about this, the Padres gave Carpenter $6 million and Cruz $1 million this season, while Martinez signed in Los Angeles for $10 million. Just $3 million more could have had him with the Friars and things likely would be much different for Preller and his team.

Depending on how things play out for the Dodgers in October, the 36-year-old might not be looking for $10 million this winter, possibly less for a chance to win another ring. This would be a win-now move that would greatly deepen the Padres lineup.

A lot of questions are going to come up over the offseason as to what they roster looks like next season, but some of the Padres issues could be solved with some of these no-brainer moves.