4 no-brainer San Diego Padres roster decisions to make this offseason

The San Diego Padres have a lot of questions as to what the 2024 roster will look like, but these four moves are no-brainer's in building a championship contender.
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Gary Sanchez
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3) It’s a no-brainer for the San Diego Padres to bring back Gary Sanchez

Yes, things looked tough for Gary Sanchez toward the end of his time with the Yankees, then at the beginning of the season when he failed to catch on with the New York Mets and San Francisco Giants, but he found solid ground in Southern California with the Padres.

Signed in late May, he has done a good job handling the pitching staff, especially Blake Snell, and he has provided some good at-bats. It’s unlikely that Snell returns next season and the Padres could be looking at adding some young arms to the rotation and bullpen and having a catcher with the experience of Sanchez would be very beneficial.

A Sanchez and  Luis Campusano combination next season would be good and, when he’s not catching, some DH at-bats for Sanchez could be available. Austin Nola’s struggles forced the hand of the front office in signing the veteran catcher and bringing him back next season should be a no-brainer.