4 hitters that the San Diego Padres can target at the 2023 trade deadline

There are plenty of hitters that are going to be available at the trade deadline that could help bolster the San Diego Padres lineup for the rest of 2023.
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Paul Goldschmidt
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San Diego Padres should target Paul Goldschmidt at the trade deadline

If you think things have been tough in San Diego this season, it's been worse for the St. Louis Cardinals who recently climbed out of the basement in the National League Central past the Pittsburgh Pirates.

John Mozeliak recently said that St. Louis will be sellers and they have several pieces that teams would be interested in. One is power-hitting first baseman Paul Goldschmidt, who is under contract for 2024 as well. The 35-year-old is having a good season despite the Cardinals' struggles.

He's slashing .283/.371/.466 with 16 home runs and 50 RBI, but he brings multiple options to the Friars. Acquiring Goldschmidt could move Jake Cronenworth back to his normal position at second base, which would make him feel more comfortable. He could also take over some of the right-handed DH at-bats too.

It appears that the Cardinals are going to go with some younger players and Goldschmidt does not fit on the roster going forward as by the time St. Louis is going to be a contender, his time will be almost done. Moving him is the move to make and San Diego could fill a hole for the rest of this season and in 2024.