3 San Diego Padres playing for a roster spot on the 2024 roster in September

There are going to be some very interesting decisions this offseason when it comes to what the 2024 San Diego Padres roster is going to look like and these three players are playing the month of September for a roster spot next season.
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Jake Cronenworth
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San Diego Padres utility infielder Jake Cronenworth is playing for a spot on the 2024 roster in September

You might be saying, Jake Cronenworth is playing for a spot on the 2024 roster? Yes, it's not crazy to think that he might not be back.

There was a report last week that the Padres would like Xander Bogaerts to consider switching positions next season, especially if prospect Jackson Merrill is ready to assume shortstop in 2024. Bogaerts moving to second or first one-year after signing an 11-year, $280 million contract would be an interesting development.

If Bogaerts makes the move to the other side of the infield, then just where does that leave an abundance of utility infielders and first basemen? San Diego would have to move Cronenworth in a trade and you have to think that they would get a good return for the 29-year-old who has struggled at times this season.

San Diego already has a lot of money locked up in next season's team and if they want to consider bringing back some key arms like Snell and Hader, then clearing some salary is the move Preller would have to go before his base salary rises.

Of course, there is a chance Cronenworth may not be back in September, even after news broke that he won't need surgery on his fractured right wrist. If he doesn't come back before the end of the season, has he done enough to earn his spot in 2024?

There are a lot of ways San Diego could go this upcoming offseason, but it's safe to say that a lot of avenues are open when it comes to bringing some of the current players back in 2024. Whatever happens, they need a good offseason to come back in a better position next season to contend and take the next step they thought they were going to do this season.