3 San Diego Padres playing for a roster spot on the 2024 roster in September

There are going to be some very interesting decisions this offseason when it comes to what the 2024 San Diego Padres roster is going to look like and these three players are playing the month of September for a roster spot next season.
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Gary Sanchez
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San Diego Padres catcher Gary Sanchez is playing for a spot on the 2024 roster in September

Preller was looking for a bat in late May to add to the lineup and Gary Sanchez became available and the Friars' GM jumped at the chance to sign him. What an addition he has been.

Released by both the New York Mets and San Francisco Giants early in the season, Sanchez has been a solid addition behind the plate taking over for the struggling Austin Nola. In fact, Snell turned into the ace of the pitching staff when Sanchez arrived as the two have formed a strong connection.

At the plate, he has clubbed 18 home runs and he has driven in 45 runs. Looking ahead at the catcher spot next season, bringing Sanchez back is not out of the question, especially looking at how well he has worked with the pitching staff. The catching free agent market this offseason is not one that makes you think moving on from him is the logical choice.

Even if he comes back as a DH option, there is a lot of value in having him around the pitchers and catchers. A strong September for Sanchez could very well earn him another contract from San Diego next season.