3 San Diego Padres playing for a roster spot on the 2024 roster in September

There are going to be some very interesting decisions this offseason when it comes to what the 2024 San Diego Padres roster is going to look like and these three players are playing the month of September for a roster spot next season.

Miami Marlins v San Diego Padres
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The 2023 season for the San Diego Padres has not been good. When they gathered for Spring Training back in February, they thought that they would be playing for a postseason berth in September. Heck, some thought that they would be playing for the National League West Division title. You can count me as the one who thought that.

It has not gone as planned to say the least. You can point to many different reasons as to why they are in the current position they are in as they enter September, all but buried in the Wild Card race. Both their pitching and hitting have been inconsistent all season long and whatever manager Bob Melvin has tried to do, it doesn't always work out.

This offseason is going to be an interesting one for GM A.J. Preller as he looks ahead to quickly turning things around in 2024. He has multiple free agents he would like to bring back, but money may be an issue as some like Blake Snell and Josh Hader could be pricing themselves out of San Diego.

San Diego Padres have three players trying to earn a roster spot for 2024 in September

What the 2024 roster looks like when the Padres gather for Spring Training in February in Arizona remains to be seen. It's anyone's guess as to who will be there. Here are three pending free agents that are trying to earn a spot in San Diego in 2024 with a strong September.