2 San Diego Padres players who should not be back in 2024 and 1 who should

There are two players that the San Diego Padres can't bring back for the 2024 season and one that they should at all costs.
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Gary Sanchez
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San Diego Padres should bring Gary Sanchez back in 2024

The best move during the season that Preller has made this season was at the end of May when he signed Gary Sanchez. The former backstop of the Yankees struggled to fit in with the San Francisco Giants and New York Mets this season but found a home with the Padres.

Sanchez is slashing .219/.289./505 with 16 home runs and 40 RBI, but it has been his work behind the plate that has been important. He has formed a strong connection with Snell and the case could be made that he is the reason for the left-hander's success. He took the catching duties from Aaron Nola, who struggled and is now in the minors.

The free agent catching market this offseason is less than stellar, so the best choice for 2024 might very well be Sanchez. He has proven he still has plenty to offer behind the plate and at the plate offensively. He's not going to require a huge deal to return to a team that is expected to be a contender again in 2024.

There are always going to be additions and subtractions every offseason, but this is going to be a very big offseason for Preller and the Padres. Building the roster is going to be key to allow them to have a better 2024 and subtracting Carpenter and Hill and keeping Sanchez would be a good start.