2 San Diego Padres players who should not be back in 2024 and 1 who should

There are two players that the San Diego Padres can't bring back for the 2024 season and one that they should at all costs.

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Rich Hill
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San Diego Padres should not bring Rich Hill back in 2024

Preller made a trade at the deadline with the Pittsburgh Pirates acquiring Rich Hill and Ji-Man Choi which added depth to the rotation and at first base. Choi also is a left-handed bat that can come off the bench, something they lacked with Carpenter.

Hill is 43 years old and was a surprising part of the deal, but after this season ends, it's time for Preller and the Friars to cut ties with the veteran left-hander. Last season he pitched well for the Boston Red Sox, but this season he struggled with the Pittsburgh Pirates and has with the Padres.

He's 0-3 with San Diego with a bloated 9.53 ERA in just 11.1 innings pitched. He is in his 19th season and more than likely would like to try and continue his career in 2024 as he is a crafty southpaw, but it just can't be in Southern California.

He is depth and the fact that Melvin has to roll him out there says as much about the injuries that rotation is dealing with than anything else. At this point in his career, he is nothing more than an innings eater and not a starter. Preller would be better off going after Jordan Montgomery or someone else in free agency.