San Diego Padres: Wil Myers Seems to Be Finding His Stroke

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Wil Myers is back in form for the San Diego Padres, which is a good thing. But it leaves the front office with even more decisions to make.

After spending over a month on the disabled list, the San Diego Padres welcomed Wil Myers back into the fold on June 21. Through his first five games back, he looked a bit…lost. Granted, all ballplayers need some time to adjust once they make it back to the big leagues after an extended period of time. Myers is no different.

The 27-year-old has had injury issues in the past. Since coming to the Padres before the 2015 season, Myers has made four trips to the disabled list, two in 2015 and two this season. He finished out that season well and came back to have his best statistical season since his 2013 rookie campaign in 2016.

After going a combined 2-for-15 with five strikeouts in his first five games back (June 21 to June 25), Myers has turned it on in a big way over the last few games. In his last four games, he’s gone 6-for-17 (.353/1.000 OPS) with just three punchouts, as well as two doubles, a home run, and four runs batted in.

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Myers returns, Padres start losing…what gives?

Quite frankly, the Padres were playing much better when Myers was sidelined. But in no way does that mean that he’s not a fit on this team. Of course, he is.

A group that’s chock-full of talent at every level, with more than enough MLB-ready talent to stay out of the 100-loss club for the foreseeable future, a superstar-caliber player on the right side of thirty is a nice asset to have.

Will his name come up as the trade deadline rapidly approaches? For sure. And AJ Preller would be foolish not to listen to offers on anything that’s not nailed down. The organization has more top-level prospects than it knows what to do with.

As Dennis Lin of The Athletic pointed out last week, the team will have to cherry-pick their best assets ahead of the Rule 5 Draft. That means that we could see some young players moved in addition to the presumable purging of the veteran talent on this team.

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All of this falls under the category of “another article for another day”, but it’s funny how one domino always seems to fall into the other in these types of situations.