San Diego Padres Need Freddy Galvis to Snap Out of His Funk

PHOENIX, AZ - APRIL 22: Freddy Galvis
PHOENIX, AZ - APRIL 22: Freddy Galvis /

Besides the San Diego Padres needing his bat to heat up for the betterment of the team, Freddy Galvis has other, possibly even higher-pressure worries on his mind.

Over the San Diego Padres’ first seventeen games, they likely figured they’d hit the offseason-jackpot by trading for shortstop Freddy Galvis.

Besides making very tough plays at shortstop look fairly pedestrian on a somewhat regular-basis, Galvis, 28, was tearing the cover off of the ball at the plate.

A lifetime .244 hitter with a .658 OPS didn’t exactly give any of us any kind of inkling as to what type of potential the Venezuelan native has with a bat in his hands.

Padres liked what they saw out of Galvis, for sure

Over the Friars’ first few weeks of regular-season play, we saw just how valuable of a player Galvis could be to a team.

Through the team’s first seventeen games, Galvis slashed .316/.435/.421 with a home run, seven runs batted in and twelve walks in just 57 at-bats.

While we all knew that these types of numbers wouldn’t ever be sustainable, but I’ll be the first to admit that a .280/.350/.400 season could be in the works. I don’t quite think that’ll be the case though.

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Galvis slump comes at a tough time

Since April 16, in 35 at-bats Galvis has hit .086/.111/.197 with thirteen strikeouts and one walk.

That could be the most dramatically quick offensive downturn I’ve seen in recent memory.

We can only hope that this is simply a really bad slump and that Galvis will snap out of it soon.

But unless Freddy Galvis can turn things around, and very soon, .244/.658 seems to be where he’s headed.

His pristine glovework at shortstop most certainly makes up for any deficiencies he may have as an offensive player.

Unfortunately, a literal golden glove with magic powers that attract baseballs won’t ever make up for a sub-.200 batting average.

The potential is clearly there for Galvis, as evidenced by his outstanding start to the season. As a free-agent-to-be, things really couldn’t have gone much better.

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But if he can’t regain that form, or even something closely resembling it as the season wears on, he could find himself in a tough spot come this offseason.