San Diego Padres Can’t Dwell on One Bad Play, Must Remain Focused

HOUSTON, TX - APRIL 07: Alex Bregman
HOUSTON, TX - APRIL 07: Alex Bregman /

The San Diego Padres need to move on from last night’s loss and get back to business.

If the pop-fly that Eric Hosmer misplayed had happened in the eighth inning of last night’s loss to the Houston Astros, San Diego Padres fans would have talked about it for all of a day or two before moving on.

Being as his error came in the tenth inning of a 0-0 tie with the reigning world champions after beating them the previous night, spoiling any chances of shaking off their disastrous 2-6 start, Twitter took Hosmer’s game-losing mistake and ran with it. Thanks, Deadspin : )

Sadly, the Padres are the laughingstock of MLB this morning. This will recycle out of your news feeds over the next few hours, but last night’s comedy/tragedy of a play will surely live on in blooper reels over the next few months.

Hopefully, all of the encouraging signs that we saw over the last eighteen-or-so innings won’t go to waste because of one measly error. Yes, it cost the team a win. But this is one game of 162.

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Padres need to forget about last night (easier said than done)

If the Friars miss the playoffs by a game, understandably, this will be the first game we think back to.

But after the (hypothetical) loser’s lament passes we, as fans, will realize how this team had gotten so far.

It will be the 18 innings that preceded Hosmer’s error in the tenth that worked as the catalyst in showing these players that they are good enough to hang with the big boys.

That’s precisely what they’ve done over the first two games of this series, in case that point has been lost over the past twelve hours.

Getting punched in the mouth after a hard-fought battle and going down is one thing. Not getting back up is another. But getting back up and continuing to fight is what champions do (just look across the diamond today; case in point).

If the Padres come out today and get right back to work, win or lose, it will go a very long way in putting last night’s loss behind them and moving forward with that much more confidence.

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Confidence? After a loss? Yup. If this team can shrug off the organization’s toughest loss in recent history, pull themselves back up, keep swinging (pun time!), it would say a lot about the San Diego Padres’ resiliency. Give ’em hell, boys.