San Diego Padres Get Their Man, Now Let’s Get To Work

KANSAS CITY, MO - AUGUST 23: Eric Hosmer
KANSAS CITY, MO - AUGUST 23: Eric Hosmer /

The San Diego Padres have finally signed Eric Hosmer. The inclusion of a centerpiece player, in addition to the plethora of talent coming through the Friars’ system, puts this franchise in the position to succeed for years to come.

Most of you have surely heard the news by now. Eric Hosmer has signed an eight-year, $140 million contract with the San Diego Padres. The deal is heavily front-loaded. Hosmer is set to earn $20 million per season over the first five years of the deal and $13 million per year for the remaining three years.

Hosmer may not be an overwhelming power-threat. He may not win the NL batting title either. But the consistent production and countless intangibles that Hosmer brings to the table is worth every dollar A.J. Preller and the Friars franchise have decided to commit to him.

At $20 million per year over the first five years, while it’s a considerable investment, Hosmer is not quite making “superstar” money. One hundred million dollars is by no means pocket change but, again, it’s well worth the risk for a player/teammate/leader/team-ambassador of Hosmer’s caliber.

San Diego Padres have set themselves up for the future

The beauty of Hosmer’s contract being top-heavy is that in 2023 when he’s beginning to fade out of his prime and into the tail-end of his career, the San Diego Padres will find it much easier to move a $13 million yearly salary than a $20 million one.

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His average-per-year salary for the duration of his contract is $18 million. Top-tier free-agents (up until this season) could easily fetch $23-$28 million per season on the open-market.

Is Eric Hosmer technically a top-tier guy? We’ve been hearing both sides of that argument for months. In all actuality, only will time will settle that debate.

If Hosmer can perform capably and produce consistently over the first four or five years of his eight-year deal and lead the San Diego Padres to a few winning seasons, or maybe even a postseason appearance or two, then their investment will have been justified.

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If the Friars can turn this team of young prospects, mid-to-late 20s budding stars, and now Eric Hosmer, into a perennial contender, the money they spent on him to will appear to be a steal when history looks back on it.