ESPN’s Buster Olney Thinks the Padres Will Sign Eric Hosmer

KANSAS CITY, MO - AUGUST 23: Eric Hosmer
KANSAS CITY, MO - AUGUST 23: Eric Hosmer /

The saga surrounding Eric Hosmer and the San Diego Padres have been one of the most exciting yet most confusing story lines of the offseason. While fans are excited to potentially land a star like Hosmer, multiple reports have muddied the situation.

Currently it appears as if the Padres and Royals are the only two teams who are definitely in on Hosmer. While teams like the Red Sox and Cardinals have been named, they do not seem like serious suitors.

With those two teams in mind, there was then a report that the Royals offer was one million more a year than the Padres. At that point, many expected the first baseman to return to Kansas City.

However a new report has recently come out that Hosmer is seeking an eight-year deal. With both teams unlikely to offer there, it appears we’re back at square one.

With not much definitively known, whether Eric Hosmer lands in San Diego is still up in the air. Everything has seemed more like speculation than actual reporting, meaning until Hosmer signs, fans are somewhat left in the dark.

ESPN’s Buster Olney shined a bit of light on where he thinks Hosmer may eventually end up. Speaking on the Baseball Tonight podcast, Olney said:

"I think Hosmer is going to wind up with the Padres. I think unless the Kansas City Royals separate themselves significantly from the Padres, I think Hosmer winds up in San Diego.”"

Olney did credit this opinion to sources he had talked to, making this report more than just his opinion. He also prefaces his statement by saying he hadn’t felt that until just recently.

Olney is one of the most trusted minds in all of baseball. While it might not be the kindest to San Diego, it’s hard to not take this report seriously. It seems as if the Padres have begun to gain momentum in the Hosmer sweepstakes and it’s beginning to look more likely that they could sign him.

What they sign him for is another store. Chairman Ron Fowler recently said that they feel comfortable with their offer, reportedly seven years/$140 million, and likely aren’t going to change it. With Hosmer unlikely to get an eight year deal, that might be the best offer on the table, bringing the former All-Star to San Diego.

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Hosmer would be the perfect fit in San Diego, for the right price. If Preller can remain creative in bringing the former Royal to the Padres this offseason would be remembered forever.

Buster Olney is not the be-all-end-all of baseball reporting, however this should be taken seriously. His report makes it seem like the Padres are starting to gain momentum in the Eric Hosmer sweepstakes. If they keep their seven year deal on the table, the longer the offseason goes the longer it seems more likely that he’ll accept it.

There’s still a long way to Spring Training and even longer to Opening Day, but the Padres remain one of the favorites to land Eric Hosmer. If Olney’s report is true, perhaps they are the only favorite.

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