REPORT: San Diego Padres Interested In Third Baseman Todd Frazier

HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 21: Todd Frazier
HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 21: Todd Frazier /

In terms of free agency, the only player on Padres’ fans minds is Eric Hosmer. The All-Star first baseman seems destined to sign with San Diego and most fans are hoping that it’s more of a when than an if.

However, there were some reports that Hosmer was looking for a $200 million contract. While the Padres are desperate for a leader as they exit the rebuild, it’s unlikely they would pay that much. San Diego isn’t expected to seriously compete until next year.

Recently we published an article looking at a few players the Padres could consider if they miss on Hosmer. But those were all educated guesses. A new report gives a bit of insight into where the Padres may turn if they miss out on the star first baseman.

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe recently wrote an article of the detailing the offseason plans of the AL East. Inside his piece he wrote:

"Todd Frazier, 3B/1B, free agent — He still appears to be on the Yankees’ radar, but he could also be a fallback plan for teams such as the Red Sox, Braves, Mets, and Padres."

While this could be more speculation than actual reporting, Cafardo wouldn’t list the Padres unless some interest was involved.

Frazier has been in the MLB for seven years, playing for the Reds, White Sox and Yankees. Over 938 games he has hit .245 with 175 home runs, 498 RBIs and 62 RBIs. He is a two two All-Star and the 2015 Home Run Derby champion.

When Cafardo says “fallback” he could mean two things.

Frazier could be seen as the backup plan to Hosmer directly. If the team doesn’t get Hosmer they could look to add Frazier at first, moving Myers to the outfield.

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More realistically, they could sign him to play third base. Once Chase Headley and/or Yangervis Solarte are traded third base will be open. Frazier would bring a veteran presence and a big bat to the middle of the Padres lineup.

There have also been reports of Frazier potentially playing second base. If the team is unhappy with Carlos Asuaje and others at second, perhaps they bring in Frazier to work as a stopgap until Luis Urias is ready.

Outside of where he plays, his contract would be a point of interest for the Padres. San Diego could look to sign him long-term as a veteran prescense for their young team. Or they could sign him short-term in hopes of flipping him at the Trade Deadline.

Overall, it appears that the Padres are interested in Todd Frazier as a “fallback” option. If they’re unable to sign Eric Hosmer, there’s a chance the former home run champion is brought to San Diego.

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