San Diego Padres: Spring Training Schedule Released


2017 may be far away, but it’s never too early to look forward to spring training for the San Diego Padres. Today, the team’s schedule in Arizona was released.

Unlike the NFL and the NBA, baseball doesn’t make a big deal out of releasing their preseason schedule. Still it is an exciting time, as it allows fans who may be enduring cold weather to look forward towards a spring full of San Diego Padres baseball in Arizona.

Today, the Cactus League schedule was released, highlighted by a contest with the Mexican National Team on March seventh.

Pitchers and catchers are scheduled to report on February 14th, and the first workout is scheduled for the following day. The full team reports February 17th, with the first full team workout on the 18th.

One week later, the vigorous schedule of games begins with the annual charity game against the Seattle Mariners. 33 more games follow, including two split-squad contests. The schedule ends with a game against the Arizona Diamondbacks on March 30th, one week before the team opens the regular season against division rival Los Angeles.

The complete Cactus League schedule for the Padres is as follows:

San Diego Padres 2017 Spring Training Schedule:

  • 2/25:  Mariners, 1:10 PM
  • 2/26:  at Mariners, 1:10 PM
  • 2/27:  at Angels, 1:10 PM
  • 2/28:  Giants, 1:10 PM
  • 3/1:    Oakland, 1:10 p.m./at Rockies, 1:10 PM
  • 3/2:    at D-backs, 1:10 PM
  • 3/3:    White Sox, 6:40 PM
  • 3/4:    D-backs, 1:10 PM
  • 3/5:    Indians, 1:05 PM
  • 3/6:    White Sox, 1:05 PM
  • 3/7:    Mexican National Team, 1:10 PM
  • 3/9:    Brewers, 7:10 PM
  • 3/10:  at Angels, 1:10 PM
  • 3/11:  at Brewers, 1:05 PM
  • 3/12:  Indians, 1:10 PM
  • 3/13:  White Sox, 1:10 PM
  • 3/15:  at Reds, 1:10 PM
  • 3/16:  Royals, 1:10 PM
  • 3/17:  Dodgers, 7:10 PM
  • 3/18:  at A’s, 1:05 PM
  • 3/19:  Reds, 1:10 PM
  • 3/20:  Rangers, 7:10 PM
  • 3/21:  at Giants, 1:10 PM
  • 3/22:  at Royals, 1:05 PM
  • 3/23:  Angels, 1:10 PM
  • 3/24:  at Rangers, 1:05 PM
  • 3/25:  at Giants, 3:05 PM
  • 3/26:  Rockies, 1:10 p.m./at Cubs, 1:05 PM
  • 3/27:  Mariners, 1:10 PM
  • 3/28:  at Dodgers, 1:05 PM
  • 3/29:  at White Sox, 12:05 PM
  • 3/30:  D-backs, 12:10 PM

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Spring training is an exciting time for fans of every team, as a new beginning always brings optimism. For San Diego fans this year, they will be paying attention to Cactus League play possibly even more than usual, as all of the minor league players trying to make the roster will be on display.

With several exciting prospects in action, the months of February and March will be critical to the team’s development, even if they do not count towards their 2017 schedule. Players such as Hunter Renfroe, Manuel Margot, and Ryan Schimpf will each be trying to prove that their surprising success in their rookie year was no mistake.

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Information about tickets is still coming, but as always, fans will have the opportunity to make the trip down to Arizona to see their team play. Now, with the schedule out, baseball doesn’t seem quite as far away.