Padres: Preller’s Job Safe, Was Actually Promoted in a Way


In the aftermath of President Mike Dee’s departure, many Padres’ fans were waiting for A.J. Preller’s release as well. A new report shows that this will not happen. In fact, Preller was indirectly promoted as a result of the recent move.

The San Diego Padres are shaking it up following an NL West last place finish in 2016. Relieving President and CEO Mike Dee of his duties last week, the team now moves forward with their search for a replacement.

As A.J. Preller returns from a 30-day suspension, new reports indicate that his position as San Diego’s general manager is safe. In fact, despite a low approval rating among many fans, and his dishonesty towards to Boston Red Sox regarding the medical information of Drew Pomeranz, Preller gets a promotion of sorts.

This promotion is an indirect result of Dee’s release. Since Preller was required to report to Dee on all matters previously, he now will be in direct contact with the team’s ownership. Even though it is assumed the Padres will find someone to fill Dee’s void, reports indicate that the team prefers to keep Preller in the position he will be in, directly under the organization’s ownership.

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So in a way, Preller was actually promoted. Since the team is seeking out a President who will have less of an impact on baseball decisions than Dee did, Preller’s role will increase. This reveals one of two things; either than the Padres have faith in Preller, or that they wish to alter the structure of the front office within their organization.

Although Preller will effectively take over virtually all baseball decisions at the front office level, the team is responding to his mishap which caused the recent suspension. It is now clear that San Diego will pursue an overseer of medical records, ensuring that what got Preller into trouble remains only a bad memory.

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As for now, the team will begin their search for both a new President and this medical record specialist. But while they embark upon what could be a long process, Preller will get back to work, as there is much work on the roster which needs to be done this winter.