James Shields Questions Padre Ron Fowler


The fire is getting hot ! The Padre Fan Base is taking sides. Former players are striking back. People’s gums are flapping, including mine.

The latest tirade by Padre Chairman Ron Fowler at the “town hall meeting” has stirred up a hornet’s nest. The latest blast was by former Padre James Shields.

In an article from CSNChicago and Larry Brown Sports, James Shields is quoted as saying “You can ask anybody around the league, let alone in the San Diego organization — I worked my butt off every single day.”  In a retort to Ron Fowler “One thing I do know is, I hope he’s not putting me in that category as far as not trying,”

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Back in late May Mr Fowler loudly criticized Shields after a very bad outing. Within days AJ shipped him and cash out the door.  Then within days of the “dumping” of Matt Kemp he starts bad mouthing him.

Quotes from the “town hall” meeting were: “I’ll be damned if we’re going to pay high-priced talent to sit on their butts and not perform,”  and this one: “We made a conscious decision to ship them out because we want people that are prepared to improve,” Now if he wasn’t talking about Shields and Kemp, who was he talking about?.

Mr Fowler is chairman and CEO of Liquid Investments Inc (distributors of Miller, Coors and Heineken) where running that company is different and not so public. If he makes remarks about those employees it does not make “sports media” headlines. However running the Padres is more public and political. What and how you say it gets published.

I get that he pays the checks and he is very unhappy the Padres of 2015 did not win. We all are. But when you go off on a tirade, it gets “sports page one”.  It is these kind of remarks that create fire storms and bad feelings. For a potential Free Agent knowing that if you do not perform 110% of your salary expectation, you would get a verbal bashing. What player would take a chance and come to San Diego now? Suffice to say Mr Fowler has blown it as the top PR guy for the Padres.

We all know that professional sports salaries are out of whack. Thirty plus million for a pitcher that maybe makes 35 starts. Crazy…. That is another issue in general.

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However maybe Mr Fowler is jealous of the money Shields and Kemp make? That could make him very angry, especially when he is not getting what he wants.

The Fan Base welcomes the money Padre Management has put in the last few years. However maybe the Padre Ownership should nominate another Chairman and spokesperson. I fear the “hole” is only going to get deeper if Mr. Fowler continues.