Padres Fans Getting Excited about All Star Game

I got the email just today:

“Thank you for registering for a chance to purchase 2016 MLB All-Star Week ticket strips. Interest in this opportunity was very high and unfortunately your registration was not selected for this ticket purchase opportunity.

Although you were not selected to purchase MLB All-Star Week ticket strips, you still have two great opportunities to participate in the excitement of MLB All-Star Week festivities.”

Fortunately for me I do have a brother-in-law who has season tickets and I was able to get my own All-Star Week ticket strip (not for re-sale), but it does seem too bad that with MLB buying up the majority of the tickets it will be hard for most San Diego residents to get in on the action.

The event will be a multi-day affair that will showcase all that is good about San Diego, Petco Park, and Major League Baseball. It will consist of a weekend fanfest, a Futures Game, the All Star Legends and Celebrity Softball game, the Home Run Derby, and of course the Game itself.

Of those events I’m least excited about the softball game and most excited about the Futures Game. Last year Colin Rea represented the Padres and now he is in their starting rotation. This year the Padres have several players who could be vying to appearances, from Manuel Margot (who made it last year in the Red Sox system) to Hunter Renfroe. Cesar Vargas might’ve been on track to pitch in the game, but made the jump all the way to the Majors and is making a compelling case to stay after two starts.

While the ticket strip wasn’t cheap, and neither will the rest of the weekend as I fly down from where I currently live in Oregon, it will be a once in a lifetime opportunity that I could not pass up. The Padres have several players off to good individual starts, from Drew Pomeranz to Wil Myers and Matt Kemp looking rejuvenated again, there is a chance that the Padres can have some good representation at least in the game if not the Home Run Derby.

The Padres have only had four players ever in the Home Run Derby: Adrian Gonzalez in 2009, Gary Sheffield and Fred McGriff in 1992, and Steve Garvey in 1985. No one got out of the first round.