Padres Release New Spring Training Uniforms and Hats


With Spring Training approaching in just a few weeks, it is time to start focusing on the fun part of baseball like the uniforms and hats. While many other teams are going with more alternative looks, and the Padres have been announcing new uniform looks for the 2016 season, it appears they didn’t stray too far for their Spring Training hats.

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What do you think of the new hats? It is a decidedly more conservative approach compared to other teams like the Mets or the A’s.

Uniforms of course are a big deal – both from a marketing perspective, team identity, and even superstition. While the Padres appeared to rebuild their entire identity before last season with their new GM and a cadre of new players, they didn’t change their uniforms until this season.

They’ve introduced a new military uniform as well as adding some yellow and brown back into their uniforms that harken back to the 1970’s and a retro look to the team.

From a superstitious standpoint, the media loves to focus on such things. The Broncos have all of the stats on which uniforms they do well in and have elected to wear all white instead of their orange crush uniforms in advance for the Super Bowl. The last Super Bowl they won, with John Elway at the helm, they were wearing the white uniforms.

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A few years ago the Miami Marlins changed their uniforms, stadium, and yes, their uniforms. As manager Ozzie Guillen described it at the time, “If we win they will look great. If we lose they will look ugly.” In the end their team, stadium, and uniform makeover did not work in any way imaginable. Just as the Padres made over their team last year with no success, they might have been able to build a base for the future as GM A.J. Preller continues to rebuild the team in his image.