Four Padres File for Salary Arbitration


Four Padres filed for salary arbitration Tuesday, including starting pitchers Andrew Cashner and Tyson Ross. Catcher Derek Norris and newcomer Drew Pomeranz also filed, 4 of the 156 total players who did so.

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If the team and players can’t reach a deal by Friday what they both agree they should be paid, the two sides will exchange figures and their hearing will be reviewed by an independent arbitrator. Andrew Cashner went to an arbitration hearing two years ago and won. At that time the difference in figures was “only” $125,000, this time it could be quite different.

Tyson Ross made $5.25M and is projected to be able to ask for about $10M. Cashner made just over $4M and could be looking for a salary in the $7M range. Where the Padres fall in that space could certainly be contentious. It is also worth noting that Cashner will be a free agent at the end of 2016 while Ross will remain under team control through 2017.

Often these early negotiations can linger in players minds as they heard toward free agency and consider their options in remaining with their original team or really testing the free agency waters. The Padres also might be interested in locking up Ross in a long-term contract past 2017 – though long-term contracts for pitchers can certainly be risky. Ask Rockies fans about Mike Hampton.

Catcher Derek Norris will also be looking at a raise of about $3 according to salary projections from MLBTradeRumors. His value has been debated often over last season this off-season, particularly as the Padres keep adding young catchers known for defense and Norris’ overall offensive prowess last season wasn’t that transcendent.

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Pomeranz is an interesting one since of course he just came over to the Padres via trade for Yonder Alonso. His likely requested raise will be from $517,000 to around $1.3M. Both Norris and Pomeranz are under team control for three more seasons.

We will continue to follow these numbers and how these negotiations go certainly will have an impact this season on the payroll as well as future negotiations with a couple key pieces of the Padres future.