Top 2015 Padres Moment: Will Ferrell Takes the Field


Will Ferrell and San Diego will inexorably be linked from his Anchorman tagline, “Stay Classy San Diego”. In 2015, the two entities found another reason to be linked, as the Padres were the final team in the comedians 10 teams in 1 day documentary for his movie ‘Ferrell Takes the Field.”.

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The HBO/Funny or Die production benefited the Cancer for College charity and was a memorable performance thoughout that long ago Spring Training Day as recapped recently by

He ended up being a part of 5 games that day, starting with Oakland and Seattle where he played shortstop for the Mariners. Memorable moments included him not only replacing legend-in-waiting Mike Trout but forgetting his own hat and glove so having to borrow those instruments from the Angels phenom. He even fielded a ground ball cleanly in the game.

In that same game he was traded to the Cubs and took on third base coach as he held up cue cards with funny inscriptions like “Remember, these games don’t count”.

When he played for Arizona the ball was hit his direction on three straight plays and the Reds had a big inning. Upon going into the dugout Cody Ross said Ferrell had this for his momentary teammates, “All right guys, we got this. We’re only down by ocho,”

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He was able to foul off a ball in an at-bat against the Giants Jean Macchi before playing catcher and ordering an intentional walk to avoid having to actually catch the ball.

After coming to his final game which was the Dodgers versus the Padres, he went into to pitch and even fielded a ground ball from the Padres Rico Noel. Unfortunately for him Don Mattingly pulled him despite his protests. He played right field for the Padres and could only watch a Joc Pederson home run sail over his head to finish off a fun-filled, busy day. To sum it all up, he had this to say:

“I brought passion to the field, dedication, ability and a lot of ignorance.”