Padres Rank in MLB Fan Base Misery


The SportingNews recently came out with their MLB Fan Base Misery Rankings. The Padres perhaps not too surprisingly ranked near the bottom of the list. That they came in 29th might only be somewhat of a surprise since they do after all play in one of baseball’s best ballparks and best cities in the world.

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The Padres of course are one of very few franchises that hasn’t won a World Series. While Max Scherzer of the Nationals threw not one but two no-hitters last season the Padres have never had a no-hitter in their history.

To rate the teams they looked at a myriad of factors over the past 30 years. So in that sense some teams like the Royals don’t rank very high since the success they have had the last two seasons was few and far between before that. Same goes for the Pirates. The Blue Jays present a bit of a quandry since they had a really good 2015 but before that hadn’t been to the playoffs since 1993. The caveat there of course is that they won back-to-back World Series in 1992-1993.

The Padres came in at 29. The “judge ruling” in the article states:

"“The brief glimmer of hope fans had at the start of the 2015 proved to be only a mirage. Without a big move or two before Opening Day, there’s no reason to think the Padres can win now, or anytime soon.”"

Ouch. What this article doesn’t even take into account on the misery side is the fact the NFL Chargers might be leaving the town as well after an even worse season than the 2015 the Padres had.

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I do disagree overall with the assessment as well – as a person who actually been following the team there are some good signs:

  • Stable ownership for the first time in some time that is willing to spend money!
  • A commitment from President Mike Dee to make bold moves and not simply accept being really bad.
  • All Star Game at Petco Park in 2016
  • Growing minor league prospect list
  • Tyson Ross

So while of course the Padres leave much to be desired, I think placing the Padres lower on the misery list than the Marlins and their mirage World Championships or the Brewers isn’t quite fair.

Just what the team can do about it remains to be seen.