Cody Decker Now a Former Padres Member, Scooped on Twitter


The San Diego Padres era of Cody Decker is no more as reported by the UT Jeff Sanders. Like the great storyteller and filmmaker that he is, it ended as he built up to the climax of his story. Thus ends his six year Padres minor league career and he is off to the Kansas City Royals organization.

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The way it happened though is worth a telling. Like all great stories, Decker was building up the suspense. He started by setting the scene:

Then the suspense buildup:

It was all going so well. Decker’s followers started tweeting out guesses. He mentioned that the team was going to be blue and that he was following all blue teams on Twitter. The guessing was ready to crescendo, and then…

MLB writer Jeff Passan ruined it.

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As the news that Passan had spoiled the fun word got back around to Decker. He joked that it must not be true because he is a 1B/3B not an outfielder. Passan got wind of what had been going on and corrected this positioning, then apologized that he ruined the joke.

The Royals are defending World Series Champions and seem pretty set at 1B and 3B with

Eric Hosmer


Mike Moustakas

, so at the moment it’s hard to see a clear path to the bigs for Decker. He hit 154 home runs in the Padres minor league system. We wish him the best of luck and will always remember him for this: