Former Padres Manager Bud Black Won’t Become Nationals’ New Head Man After All


After less than a year away from managing following his in-season firing from the San Diego Padres job, it appeared Bud Black would be right back at it. Late last week, he reportedly agreed to become the Washington Nationals’ next manager. Contract discussions fell through, though, and now the Nationals have tabbed Dusty Baker as their man.

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Black was reportedly only offered a two-year deal worth less than $2 million, which is insulting for someone with his track record. Washington has never shelled out for managers and have never given them a ton of commitment, but that offer is absurd.

Nationals brass low balled Black, a veteran manager, and he unsurprisingly turned down the offer.                                                                                                   Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

After finding out just how little he would be paid over the life of the deal, Black backed out and decided the Washington job was no longer for him.

This likely means he won’t be managing in 2016 because there aren’t many other open positions left that are still open for new candidates. Therefore, Black could sign on to become a bench coach somewhere or he could take a year off and try his luck at another managerial job next offseason.

Black isn’t used to coaching outside of San Diego; he managed the Padres for nine seasons starting in 2007. His career record with the team was 649-713; he managed the team to a winning record just twice (in 2007 and 2010). When the team missed the playoffs despite going 90-72 in 2010, he was named the National League Manager of the Year.

After serving for so long in San Diego without much success, he clearly needed a change of scenery. Washington might have provided that, but he was right now to lock himself into a low-paying two-year deal, which would place more and more pressure on him every year.

He will be back in the league at some point. After this latest news, though, it seems like it might take longer than originally thought.