Padres News: Baby Born at Petco Park Update


Talk about an entrance.

Last Thursday a baby was born during the game between the Giants and Padres while at Petco Park. When Jaime Stiles decided to go to a game with her mom, she of course knew that she might be close to having a baby. Those things don’t happen to real people though, right? I mean she wouldn’t actually have a baby at the game…right? As reported by Maria Arcega-Dunn, the new mother had this to say about the event:

“This is the thing that happens in the news. This is not what happens to me…This is so crazy!”

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Baby Levi weighed just over six pounds and 20 and a half inches long. A creative way for the Padres to boost attendance.

Jaime mentioned that the night was supposed be a ladies night but leave it to a man to crash the party. “The guys always ruin ladies night” she lamented.

The game certainly became immaterial to those who were watching the miracle of life unfold and Petco Park staff were lauded on how they handled the whole situation. The Swinging Friar even came over and brought a goodie bag for the new arrival.

Sometimes late season baseball provides tense moments as teams scratch and claw for every little advantage in a tight pennant race. For teams like the Padres that have been out of a race of any sort for awhile, sometimes you just need to find a little humor in the little things.

The story garnered some national attention, getting coverage from morning shows to Sports Illustrated. Beth Maiman tweeted:

Petco Park’s official twitter also chimed in that yes, this was the child to be born at Petco Park. Levi is doing well and has a story to tell for the ages.

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