Padres Rollover For LA Themed Weekend


I typically keep up with Padres promotional games, looking for cool giveaways or a fun pre game beer fest.  But I recently came across this, a UCLA vs. USC rivalry night and was outraged.  

Does this mean the Padres will be moving with the Chargers to Los Angeles?  Where is the San Diego pride and identity?

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I recently graduated from UCLA and gladly welcome any opportunity to beat up on USC, but not at a San Diego Padres game, and certainly not while they are hosting the LA Dodgers.

UCLA and USC are good schools and popular amongst many San Diegans, but they are still LA schools.  What is wrong with supporting local schools by making this a San Diego State vs. USD night?

The entire giveaway night is playing right into the hands of the enormous LA crowd that will surely be making the weekend trip down to San Diego for the weekend.  The front office has voiced concerns about the crowd being taken over by visiting fans when the Padres host the Dodgers or the Giants.  I’ve been to those games and they’re right: it’s awful.

Giving away LA school themed hats just make the Padres organization look like a pushover.  Ownership is clearly trying to squeeze the last bit of profit from the remaining month of the season.

With this simple hat giveaway, they’re further degrading the Padres validity as a major league ball club, making them appear like the kid brother to Los Angeles.  I am dreading the hurtful comments I will have to endure from my LA friends when they catch wind of this e.g. “typical Padres,” “AAA Padres.”  I’m sure many fans can relate to my plight.

I have said it before, but I truly believe the biggest problem with the Padres organization is attitude and lack of identity.  This hat giveaway perfectly symbolizes that.

We have had good players on this team throughout the years who have fizzled out simply because winning is not necessarily expected or demanded.  We have a boring blue uniform that just looks like a worse version of the Dodgers’.

We need a manager and players with some San Diego pride!  We need to reestablish a SD identity with brown uniforms next season.  Most importantly, we need to stop rolling over for Los Angeles.

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